ResampleScope is a command-line utility that can help you to figure out what algorithm another application uses when it resizes images.

Unless you have some technical knowledge about resampling filters, ResampleScope probably won’t be very useful to you. To learn about filters, one place that might help is ImageMagick’s Resampling Filters page. See also my discussion of bicubic resampling.

It is written in C, and requires libgd. It’s cross-platform, mainly for Unix-like systems, and Windows.

Demonstrations, etc.:

Download: (2017-04)
Also available at GitHub.

The distribution includes a 32-bit Windows binary (in the rscope-x.x\x86 directory), which should work on most 32-bit and 64-bit Windows computers.

View the Readme file.

License: GPLv3

Author: Jason Summers (email)