Homemade Levels for Lode Runner 2

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These add-on levels require the commercial version of GT Interactive's Lode Runner 2.

The easiest way to load homemade levels is to press Alt+L while playing the game (Command+L for the Mac version).

Single-player levels
level1.zip   The first level of the original game, converted to LR2. 19-Oct-1998
lr2lvl.zip Stephen Appleby   21-Oct-1998
js21.zip Jason Summers 6 levels 11-Nov-1998
place_castles.zip Melvin "Very very hard level" 4-Jan-1999
lvl1.zip Melvin   25-Jan-1999
labobine.zip Robert Lachapelle 10 levels 8-Mar-1999
A_milky_exper.zip Luke Ditri   25-Feb-1999
levels.zip Stephen Appleby readme 9-May-1999
colin1.zip Colin Benson 44 levels 15-Mar-2000
colin2.zip Colin Benson 6 levels 14-May-2000
felix.zip   4 levels 27-Sep-2000
labyrinthe.zip Robert Lachapelle 7 levels Updated 7-Apr-2001
chess.zip Robert Lachapelle 4 levels Updated 7-Apr-2001
secret.zip Robert Lachapelle 5 levels Updated 7-Apr-2001
mirror.zip Robert Lachapelle   7-Mar-2001
whitesides.zip Presage   7-Mar-2001
carrot.zip Presage   7-Mar-2001
Hugos-LR2-Levels.zip Hugo Janacek 7 levels 7-Apr-2001
alpha.zip Robert Lachapelle   29-Apr-2001
clic.zip Robert Lachapelle   29-Apr-2001
mixer.zip Robert Lachapelle   29-Apr-2001
onepath.zip Robert Lachapelle   29-Apr-2001
pac-man.zip Jelly_Doughnut   21-Jul-2001
forLiz.zip Anthony Kozar 4 levels 12-Sep-2004
AnthonyKozar.zip Anthony Kozar 6 levels 12-Sep-2004

Multi-player levels
4corners.zip Mikereadme 28-Nov-1998
disapear.zip Mikereadme 28-Nov-1998
upnclose.zip Mikereadme 28-Nov-1998
Planet_X.zip HappyMutantreadme 9-Aug-1999
Not_a_Donut.zip HappyMutantreadme 9-Aug-1999
Race.zip HappyMutantreadme 9-Aug-1999

All of the files here are freely distributable. (All Lode Runner 2 homemade levels are required to be free if they are distributed at all.)