About this site

While my Lode Runner web site is probably not going to disappear anytime soon, and might even still be updated every once in a while, I unfortunately no longer have any interest in actively maintaining it. If you have something to say about Lode Runner, please join the mailing list and ask there.

That said, I can usually be reached at I do read my email, but if you're just sending me a general question about Lode Runner, or a file or link that could be put on this web site, there's a good chance that I won't respond. I do feel bad about that, but I'm probably not going to change my habits.

While I don't intend to directly turn over control of this site to someone else, I do hereby offer the content to anyone who wants it. By "content", I mean any or all of the homemade levels, game files, walkthroughs, bugs, screen shots, information on the "Miscellaneous" page, etc. Don't just make a mirrored copy of my web site, but if you want to maintain your own Lode Runner site, go ahead and take the content here and build your own site around it. If you plan to do that, I'd appreciate hearing from you.