Miscellaneous Lode Runner Documents and Information

Lode Runner 2

Lode Runner On-Line: The Mad Monks' Revenge

Lode Runner: The Legend Returns

Other Lode Runner games
General interest
          The easter egg (secret levels) in Lode Runner On-Line
          Easter eggs in Lode Runner 2

  Cheats codes


  Did You Notice? (Lode Runner trivia)


  List of known bugs in the new Lode Runner games


  Secret and not-so-secret messages in Lode Runner levels


  Notes on befuddlement gas

          Technical info on Lode Runner 2 level files

  Give custom puzzles the old-style tile set


  How to play the custom puzzles from this site


  Puzzle Typer for Macs


  Keyboard controls for some classic Lode Runner games


  Some historical information about Lode Runner

For hackers only:
        How to protect and unprotect puzzle sets from being edited

  Crack the original Lode Runner for DOS


  Lode Runner Hacker's Editor

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