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Lode Runner Cheats

The best-known undocumented cheat in Legend and Online is the "Monk Mode" cheat. It allows you to control one of the monks. The method of activating it is different in different games.

The Legend Returns
There are at least 4 or 5 different versions of this game, and they don't have the same cheats.
The following instructions can be found many places on the web, but I've never had anyone confirm that they work (note the probable misspelling of CTHULHU):

Click on the upper left corner of the main menu screen. Type "CTHULU" (v1.2) or "YOG" (v1.3). If it worked, you will hear a gong sound. Start a game, and you can control the monk with the T-Y-U/G-H-J/B-N-M Keys. Press TAB to switch monks.

I have also seen the following functions, but don't know if they ever work:
Ctrl-F2 - Super speed
Ctrl-F3 - Brings up a timer
Ctrl-F6 - Warps you five levels ahead
Ctrl-F7 - Warps you one level ahead
Ctrl-F9 - Kills Player 1
Ctrl-F10 - Kills Player 2

Here are some cheats that definitely work, at least for some CDROM versions, but there's no monk mode.

At the title screen, click on the upper-left corner of the border:

and then type "cthulhu". If you hear a gong sound, play a game and use the following cheats:

F10 - Add 10 lives
F11 - Skip 5 puzzles
F12 - Skip 1 puzzle (lets you view the cut-scenes)
The Legend Returns
Press Ctrl-F4 (while playing) to toggle Monk Mode on and off. Control the monk with the T-Y-U/G-H-J/B keys. Press TAB to switch monks.
The Legend Returns
Click on the top right corner of the game window while in a single player game. Press TAB to switch monks. Control the monk using player 2's controls.
Lode Runner On-Line
Windows 95
Click on the upper-left corner of the main screen:

then type "yog". When you type the "g" you should hear a gong sound. This will enable the other cheats to work when you play a game.

While playing, press Ctrl-F3 to toggle Monk Mode on and off. Press TAB to switch monks. Control the monk using player 2's controls. (If you're on a 2-player puzzle, player 2 will be frozen.)

Press Ctrl-F6, and the game will run really really fast. Sorta like the original MSDOS version does on a Pentium :-).

Press Ctrl-F8, and you will instantly "finish" the current puzzle. The documented Ctrl-] will also take you to the next puzzle, but Ctrl-F8 allows you to see the animated cut-scenes.

Lode Runner On-Line
Lode Runner 2
Hit the Esc key while playing the game, then type in "glazed donut". You should hear a laughing noise. You can then use the following cheats:
F3 - Go back one level
F4 - Advance one level
Alt+F12 - Gives you five lives
Alt+8 - Gives you 10 bombs of each type
Alt+K - Beach Ball power up
Alt+I - Inviso power up
Alt+T - Morph power up
Alt+B - Cloak power up
Alt+S - Toggle scrolling on/off

Alt+F5 and Alt+F6 - Change your suit color. You don't need to enable cheats to do this.

In the Macintosh version, use the Command key instead of Alt.

Several of these codes will be revealed if you solve the Credits.

If you have more information about cheats, please let me know. Thanks!

By the way, in case you forgot to read the manual, the following cheat codes are in all versions of LR: The Legend Returns and LR On-Line:
Ctrl-[ (Command-[) - Back one level
Ctrl-] (Command-]) - Forward one level
Ctrl-= (Command-=) - Extra life/player 1
Ctrl-2 (Command-2) - Extra life/player 2