Lode Runner Download Page

File   Size Platform Description
Demos and Patches
Lode Runner 2 demo
Lr2v11up.exe   500K Win95 Lode Runner 2 patch - v1.1
LR2_1.2_patch.hqx   154K Mac Lode Runner 2 patch - v1.2
LR95Demo.zip info 2.1M Win95 Lode Runner On-Line Demo
lodedemo.zip info 2.1M Win3.1 Demo of LR:TLR. You can play 5 puzzles. You can also get it here. (Doesn't work on some computers. I don't know why.)
lode.zip   4.7M Win3.1 Demo of LR:TLR. Includes the whole game, but you have to purchase a secret code to activate most features. (The offer is not still valid, but if you can't get the official demo to work, I suppose you could try this one. No, I do not have a code for it.)
dibdrv.exe info 37K Win3.1 Patch for DEMO verion under Win95
lrcdpt.exe info 122K Win3.1 LODE RUNNER Windows CD-ROM Upgrade
lode13.exe info 208K Win3.1 LODE RUNNER Windows Disk Upgrade v1.3
lodetrn.zip   12K MSDOS "Lode Runner Trainer": A patch that adds some cheats to the DOS version of LR:TLR
Clones and similar games
lrl.zip info 80K MSDOS Lode Runner Live - an "exact clone" of the original Lode Runner. (Well, not exact. It is not really very good.) Freeware.
flynn14.zip info 1.1M MSDOS Flynn Sprint - a game inspired by Lode Runner, but with lots of extras. (Was called "Node Runner" prior to its release.) Shareware.
diamond.zip info 53K MSDOS Diamond Dash - an (old) near-clone of Lode Runner. Shareware.
goldrun.zip info 260K MSDOS Gold Runner - apparently a Lode Runner clone, but it requires special sound drivers that aren't included, and refuses to run on my completely ordinary computer. Shareware.
scav14.zip info 86K MSDOS Scavenger - A Lode Runner clone with a few additions (10 level demo)
xscavenger-13.tgz info 144K Linux Scavenger for Linux (the full game)
motherlode.lha info 54K Amiga Mother Lode - a Lode Runner clone.
gold-digger-121.hqx info 896K Mac Gold Digger - Apparently, it's similar to Lode Runner
info 65K Linux Lode Runner SVGA (alpha version -- many problems)
lr18.zip info 20K Zshell LodeRunner V1.8 - Runs on TI-85 calculators and possibly other things
lodrunn.zip   20K HP48 Runs on HP48 G/GX calculators, apparently.
miner.dsk.gz   30K Apple II Predecessor of Lode Runner
Old Lode Runner Games
Warning: All the files in this section were found elsewhere on the Internet. However, chances are that most of them are still considered to be commercial software, even though it is impossible to buy them. That means that it could technically be illegal for you to play them, unless you bought that particular game back when it was still being sold, and possibly even if you did. Download at your own risk.
loderun.zip   49K MSDOS The original Lode Runner (Runs too fast on modern computers)
lrslow.zip   49K MSDOS The original Lode Runner, patched to run on modern computers
ap_lode.zip   40K Apple II The original Lode Runner - disk image
ap_ch_lode.zip   47K Apple II The original Championship Lode Runner - disk image
loderunn_c64coll info 490K C-64 A collection of Commodore 64 Lode Runner games, from Commodore Zone.
lr-c64.zip   30K C-64 The original Lode Runner for the Commodore 64 (disk version)
lode_run.c64   17K C-64 Commodore 64 cartridge version
lr2-c64.zip   95K C-64 Lode Runner II for C64
loderunr_msx.zip   16K MSX For the MSX computer
loderunr_nes.zip   17K NES Nintendo Entertainment System version of Lode Runner
chamlode_nes.zip   17K NES Nintendo version of Championship Lode Runner
loderunr_tg16.zip   80K TG16 Lode Runner: Lost Labyrinth, for the Turbo Grafx 16/PC Engine
loderunr_lynx.zip   27K Lynx Port of LR from the Apple II to the Atari Lynx [home page]
lr_vic20.zip   10K VIC20 Lode Runner for the VIC-20, for what it's worth
lrunner.zip   46K Arcade Arcade version of Lode Runner (runs on MAME)
ldrun2.zip   67K Arcade Lode Runner II
ldrun3.zip   71K Arcade Lode Runner III
ldrun4.zip info 86K Arcade 2-player arcade version of Lode Runner (was ldrun2p.zip)

See also Keyboard Controls for Classic Lode Runner.

Think you don't have the right kind of computer to run these programs? You could try to find an emulator for it.