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Keyboard controls for classic Lode Runner

The problem with playing old video games is you hardly ever have the instructions to them. Here is a partial list of keyboard commands that exist in at least some versions of Lode Runner. You'll have to experiment to see which ones work on any particular game.

Most of the commands listed below do not apply to the PC version. Instead, just press Esc to get a menu of things you can do. An unlisted command is K (press Esc, then K), which lets you redefine the movement keys.

Action Key
Up, Down, Left, Right I, K, J, L
Dig left, Dig right U, O
Stop moving Space
Switch to keyboard controls Ctrl-K
Switch to joystick controls Ctrl-J
Suicide Ctrl-A
End game Ctrl-R
Pause game Esc or Stop or Ctrl-M
Skip to next level Ctrl-U or Ctrl-6
Sound effects on/off Ctrl-S
Increase game speed -
Decrease game speed =
Run editor Ctrl-E
Editor command-line
Edit level E
Play level P
Clear level C
Move level M
Initialize disk I
Clear high scores S
Editing keys
Cursor Up, Down, Left, Right I, M, J, K
Turf, Rock, Ladder, Bar, Trap
Invis. Ladder, Treasure, Enemy, Player, Erase
1, 2, 3, 4, 5
6, 7, 8, 9, 0