WebBMP is a free browser plug-in that displays Windows BMP image files. It should work in any 32-bit web browser that supports Netscape-style plug-ins, and doesn't have special handling for BMP files. Nowadays, that doesn't leave many browsers, so WebBMP isn't much use anymore, except as sample code.

WebBMP is intended primarily as a demonstration of how to write a simple plug-in, or as a starting point for new plugins, and is not intended for serious use in a production environment. It does not come with an install program, so if you want to use it, you need to be comfortable with copying and moving files around.

Download WebBMP 1.2.2: webbmp-1_2_2.zip (48K; 16 Aug 2002)

To install, unzip and copy the file npwebbmp.dll to your browser's "Plugins" folder. It may help to configure Windows Explorer not to hide files whose names end in ".dll".

View the current ReadMe file.

Try the Test image.

This is public domain software. The C source code is included.

Also available: version 1.1.1 (21 Apr 2001). Version 1.1.x supports "Windowless" mode (which allows plugins to have transparent areas), and can be used as a demonstration of how to write a Windowless plugin. But be warned that it doesn't work perfectly. Also note that, at the time of this writing, Netscape 4.x is the only browser that supports Windowless plugins. It's not clear whether Netscape 6 or higher will ever support Windowless plugins.

Older versions are still available, but not recommended:

WebBMP was written by Jason Summers. Please send feedback to jason1@pobox.com.

See also my plugins links page.