Replug is an ActiveX control for Internet Explorer, that can run Netscape-style plug-ins. It's loosely based on my stand-alone plug-in container.

This program is unfinished, but an early version of it is available for download.

(1/2002) Replug is not in active development, and may never be finished. I suggest using Adam Lock's ActiveX control for hosting Netscape plugins instead.

Note: You probably don't need special software to get Internet Explorer to run a plug-in (at least not right now). Versions up to but not including 5.5 with Service Pack 2 include native support for plugins. This support is actually done via an ActiveX control in a file named "plugin.ocx". Strangely enough, this control still exists in the newer versions of IE that supposedly don't support plugins; it just isn't wired up to be used. It's possible to configure your plug-in to use it, and I've written some instructions on how to do this.

I started this project before I learned about the above hack, but I think it will still prove useful for some things.

Replug is free software, distributed under the GNU General Public License. I may consider granting permission to distribute modified binaries without source, provided they support only your own plug-in(s) -- write me and ask.

At this point, Replug must be considered to be for experts only! Sorry, but it will take some skill to configure it to work with a plug-in (You should have the ability to edit text files, and an understanding of what MIME types are.)

To download Replug, save the following file. The source code is included.

Some further documentation is included in the file named readme.txt.

There are a few major issues remaining:

There are also plenty of smaller problems....

I could use some assistance from someone who is knowledgeable about writing and/or packaging ActiveX controls for IE. If you're willing to volunteer, please write to me. I'm using a non-MFC C++ framework from MS's Platform SDK.

-- Jason Summers <> [My home page]