Purpleview is an image viewer for Windows (Windows 2000 and later). It is primarily intended for PNG images, but also supports BMP (read/write), JPEG (read-only), and TIFF (write-only).

Purpleview is free software, licensed under the GNU General Public License. The C source code is included in the distribution.

purpleview 1.3.2 (4 Jul 2010; 260KB)

To install:
Unzip the purpleview.exe file and put it somewhere.

To run:
Open the purpleview.exe file.

Here's the readme file.

Purpleview's PNG support is based on my PNGDIB library (which in turn is based on libpng).

Essential features:

Old versions still available:
purpleview 1.3.1 (6 Mar 2003)
purpleview 1.2.0 (9 Apr 2002)
purpleview 1.1.0 (19 Mar 2002)
purpleview 1.0.0 (8 Feb 2002)

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