2-Player Puzzle files for Lode Runner: The Legend Returns

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All of these add-on puzzles require the commercial version of Sierra On-Line's Lode Runner: The Legend Returns or Lode Runner On-Line: The Mad Monks' Revenge.

The 1P column tells the number of 1-player puzzles in the file, and 2P tells the number of 2-player puzzles.
Click on info to get some additional information about that puzzle set.
The links in the Author column will take you to the home page of the author of the puzzle set.

alltlr2.zip - Save this link to download ALL of the files in this table in a single archive (about 350KB).

(Recent additions will be at the end of the list.)
File 1P 2P   Author Comments
daniel.zip 20 info Daniel Wilson Total of 20 2-player puzzles [updated 29-Nov-97]
lrfung.zip 10 info Chris Fletcher?  
stikes_2.zip 6+ info   "Stike's Revenge 2"
sonic_lr.zip 5 20 info   Some very difficult puzzles.
ldrnrick.zip 25 info Rick Traini (rick2.pzl)
lr_debra.zip 151 info Debra Day (debra.pzl)
dales.zip 7      
pc_at_p2.zip 39   http://members.aol.com/
1.zip 34      
misc2.zip 5 info   Miscellaneous single puzzles
2pcb.zip 16      
ejq.zip 12      
2p2p.zip 47     (gop1.pzl)
lodelevs.zip 2 11 info Gabriel & Arden Ytterberg  
mmayhem.zip 15 info Andrzej Switalski  
matt.zip 10 info Matthew Burke  
killpuzz.zip 13 info Matt Elder "Deathmatch"-style puzzles
BillyLand.zip 1 97 info Billy Stehl  
Lees_Land.zip 51      
n&n2p1.zip 14 info Nick and Nancy  
wacky.zip 9 11 info Noah Benson  
misc4.zip 30 info   A small collection of 2-player puzzle sets
davids_.zip 6 info David A. Villa "David's Hell" [now with a hint file]
SuperJR1.zip 19 info John & Jeffrey Ronald  
chrislang1.zip 2   Chris Lang  
hard.zip 28+   Jeremy and Caroline Peterson  
intense.zip 17   Ruben Ibarra  
bombs.zip 1 10   tpemail  

To the best of my knowledge, all of the files here are freely distributable.