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General questions

Q. How do I download and play the custom puzzle sets at this site?
A. Look here.

Q. My copy of Lode Runner won't run / won't install / locks up / crashes when I play level X / perfoms an "invalid operation" / has no sound / etc.
Sorry, I can't provide technical support for these games. Try the mailing list.

Q. Where can I get download or purchase Lode Runner?
A. Try Todd Daggert's web site, or the Downloads section of this site. Otherwise, ask on the mailing list. Please be clear about which game you are looking for, as there are dozens of games named "Lode Runner".

Questions about Lode Runner: The Legend Returns and Lode Runner On-line: The Mad Monks' Revenge

Q. How do I solve level 24?
A. Light a bomb on the highest ladder on the screen, or see the next question.

Q. How do I solve level X?
A. Check to see if it is on my Walkthroughs page. Otherwise, ask on the mailing list.

Q. I'm using a Mac. Can I still download and play your homemade levels?
A. Yes. (Read this.)

Q. What's the difference between Lode Runner: The Legend Returns and Lode Runner On-Line?
A. Lode Runner On-Line: The Mad Monks' Revenge is a follow-up to Lode Runner: The Legend Returns that adds network/modem play, a total of 150 2-player levels, over 30 new 1-player levels, and a few new things like regenerating bombs and disappearing turf. It is available only for Windows 95 (and up) and Macintosh. On-Line is a replacement for Legend; there is no reason to get Legend if you have On-Line. The 1-player levels 1-150 are identical to those in The Legend Returns, and the new levels are numbered 151-187. The new levels are generally much more difficult than the first 150. Custom levels created with Legend can be played by On-Line, but not vice-versa, even if you don't use the new features.

Q. When playing custom puzzle sets, the score gets reset to zero after each level. How can I prevent this?
A. Sorry, I don't think it's possible. When playing custom levels, the game automatically activates "cheat mode", in which the score resets after each level, and you can add lives (Ctrl++) and skip levels (Ctrl+]) with no warnings.

Q. How can I re-order the puzzles in a custom puzzle set, or combine two sets into one, or split one set into several?
Use Jim Winkler's Lode Runner Hacker's Editor. The only way to do it with the regular editor is to use the Copy(Cut) and Paste features to copy the levels one at a time, and then patch them up afterward because Copy doesn't copy everything.

Questions about Lode Runner 2

Q. Can two people play on the same computer, like in The Legend Returns?
A. No. Multiplayer is by network or modem only.

Q. The demo won't install; it gives an error about a "missing .inf file".
A. Install DirectX 5.1 or later before installing the demo.

Q. How do I use the editor to create a group of levels?
A. I don't think you can. It appears that you can only store one level per file.