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The files below contain hundreds of period 3 and 4 spaceships for Conway's Game of Life that were found with David Eppstein's gfind program. The output is unedited, and may contain lots of duplicates and flotillas (especially the c2p4 files).

A file name like c2p4g-21-00.lif means speed c/2, period 4, glide-reflect symmetry, width 21, page 00. You get the idea (maybe).

c2p4g.zip - c/2, orthogonal, period 4, glide symmetric (240K, 29 Oct 2000)
c2p4s.zip - c/2, orthogonal, period 4, bilateral symmetry (180K, 29 Oct 2000)
c3.zip - c/3, orthogonal, period 3 (115K, 29 Oct 2000)
c4o.zip - c/4, orthogonal, period 4 (100K, 6 Oct 2000)

gmatrix.c - C program to combine output from gfind into a single file for viewing