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Life searching software

WinLifeSearch: A Windows port of David Bell's lifesrc, by Jason Summers.

torus: A somewhat crude random torus search program, used to search for high-period oscillators, wicks, and agars. This is C source code only; you must have a C compiler, and have some knowledge of C programming, to use it. [RandomAgar (see below) is generally better, though may not be quite as fast in some cases.]
Download: torus.zip (v0.5; initial release; 31 Aug 2000)

Hersrch: A herschel track search program by Karel Suhajda
Download: hersrch_20040327.zip


lifesrc - search for oscillators, spaceships, and related objects, by David Bell

gfind, gsearch, and glider.c - spaceship searching programs and tools, by David Eppstein

afind - like gfind, only different. By Eugene Langvagen

gencols - collision enumaration program, by Paul Callahan

RandomAgar, Catalyst, Stable-and-Glider: see Gabriel Nivasch's web site

See also David Eppstein's Life Search Programs page