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Patterns for other Life-like rules

Rules are named by the list of neighbor counts required for a dead cell to become live (Birth), followed by the list of neighbor counts required for a live cell to remain alive (Survival). Conway's Life, for example is B3/S23. For a list of known spaceships in any rule, look in David Eppstein's Glider Database.

B2/S (Seeds)
b2s.zip - my collection of patterns for the explosive "Seeds" rule. Last updated 3 Feb 2007.

B36/S23 (HighLife)
For information on HighLife, read David Bell's article.

hl-c4diag.lif - a collection of c/4 diagonal spaceships

B3678/S34678 (Day & Night)
For information on Day & Night, read David Bell's article.

[Most of these are now in David Bell's collection, so I guess they don't really need to be here anymore...]

dn-c3diag.lif - a collection of c/3 diagonal spaceships
dn-c4diag.lif - a collection of c/4 diagonal glide-reflective spaceships
dn-c3.lif - a collection of c/3 orthogonal spaceships
dn-c3stretch.lif - a collection of c/3 orthogonal wickstretchers and extensible spaceships
dn-c3dstretch.lif - a collection of c/3 diagonal wickstretchers and extensible spaceships

B35678/S5678 (Diamoeba)

diamoeba-c7.lif - a bunch of c/7 spaceships
diamoeba-sf.lif - spacefiller
diamoeba-qsf.lif - quarter-spacefiller
diamoeba-ws.lif - c/7 wickstretcher


skewsym.lif - a spaceship with an unusual near-symmetry

"Knightships" (and other unusual-direction spaceships)

Every known spaceship in Life moves either orthogonally or diagonally, but there are a small number of spaceships and puffers known in other Life-like rules that move in other directions.

A spaceship with slope 1/2 is often called a "knightship", after the Knight chess piece.

All of these were found by David Eppstein.

(3,2)c/23 B345/S126
(2,1)c/11 B356/S02456
(2,1)c/23 B36/S01347
(2,1)c/25 B34578/S358
(2,1)c/26 B3/S01367
(2,1)c/26 B358/S0346
(3,1)c/26 B357/s024578
(4,1)c/29 B3/S12567
(2,1)c/37 B3458/S01678 (puffer)
(8,2)c/181 B378/S1348 (puffer)

Spaceship guns

Guns can only exist in Life-like rules that include the B2 or B3 rule. To the best of my knowledge, this mini-collection includes all of the rules with B3 for which a spaceship gun is known. (I'm not attempting to collect every gun known; I'm just trying to include at least one gun for every rule in which a gun is known.)

In some rules with B2, guns with a period as low as 4 can exist. Periods that low can be searched for directly using oscillator search programs, making them potentially much easier to find. However, the low period combined with the explosiveness of B2 rules makes it difficult build anything interesting out of these guns. This collection does not necessarily contain a gun for every B2 rule in which a gun is known.

[Download all the guns in a single ZIP file: alienguns.zip]

B3/S23 - (Life) p44 MWSS (c/2 orthogonal)
B3/S23 - B38/S238 - (Life) p30 glider (c/4 diagonal)
B3/S237 - B38/S237 - p30 glider (c/4 diagonal)
B3/S2378 - B38/S2378 - p30 glider (c/4 diagonal)
B38/S2378 - p104 glider (c/4 diagonal)
B37/S23 - B37/S238 - p60 glider (c/4 diagonal)
B37/S237 - B378/S237 - p50 glider (c/4 diagonal)
B378/S237 - B378/S2378 - p62 and p98 glider (c/4 diagonal)
B3678/S34678 - (Day & Night) p200 rocket (c/2)
B368/S12578 - p52 replicator based (c/8 diagonal)
B36/S245 - p204 replicator based (c/7 diagonal)
B368/S245 - p404 (c/7 diagonal)
B36/S23 - B36/S2378 - (HighLife) p24 glider (c/4 diagonal)
B36/S23 - B368/S238 - (HighLife) p192 replicator based bomber (c/6 diagonal)
B35/S236 - B358/S236 - p68 (2c/5)

B25/S45 - B258/S45678 - p4 photon (c)
B24/S - B248/S678 - p4 photon (c)