Gamma correction test page

For best results, please make sure you're using:

Everything in the chart below should appear to be the same shade of gray.

The reference color (composed of thin black and white stripes) won't blend in perfectly with the other colors, but if you blur your eyes or move away from your monitor, it should look very similar in brightness to the other colors.

The testcase colors really should look indistinguishable from each other, without any visible boundaries between them.

reference test cases reference test cases reference

If most of the test cases are only slightly different from the reference colors, that's not really a problem. If you wish, you may be able to improve this by adjusting the settings of your monitor or video card.

However, if the colors are substantially different, you probably shouldn't do that -- instead look for a gamma correction setting in your web browser. Chances are it doesn't have one, and in that case you'll just have to live with the color problems, or maybe try to find another web browser. It's also possible that the browser is receiving incorrect colorspace information from operating system, and that it's really the operating system that needs to be configured.

Note that the reference color is always correct, by definition. If only the PNG images match it, then only the PNG images are being displayed correctly. If nothing matches it, then everything is incorrect.

Test page by Jason Summers.