Uncached animated GIF test

Please avoid leaving a Netscape or Mozilla web browser open on this page, as it may erroneously try to access my web server every few seconds. This page includes a META refresh header that should take you elsewhere after 2 minutes.

The image below includes the following HTTP headers:
Pragma: no-cache
Cache-Control: no-cache

The image to the left should not be changing colors on its own! If it is, your browser has a serious problem!

Every time the document is loaded from the server, one of several animated images is returned at random -- but each image uses only a single background color.

Netscape and Mozilla browsers will typically reload the image from the web server every time through the animation. Taking the browser offline may cause the image to stop animating when it reaches "FRAME 4". (Although I've sometimes seen NS4 reload the image even when it is supposed to be offline!)

Note: This problem no longer exists in Mozilla (fixed around Apr.2001??).