Level 144 - "Teleporter Loop"

Use the jackhammer to dig throught the rock below you until you get to point A. Wait there until the monk almost touches you, then dig through the last layer. The two monks will now be stuck in a loop, and you can walk across the top of the teleporter when it is teleporting a monk. After teleporting a couple of times, you'll be able to get off at the bottom level.

Grab one of the snares (leaving the jackhammer for later), and drop through the trapdoor at B. Set the snare at about point C. Use the pickaxe and/or the slime bucket to delay the other monk, then get the bomb at D and light it there. Get the bomb in the upper-left corner, then zap the tiles labeled E to return to where you dropped the jackhammer.

Get the jackhammer and drop through trapdoor F, delay the monk with slime if necessary, light a bomb at G and go through. Get the two treasures on this side by destroying all the bedrock here labeled X with the jackhammer.

Stand at H and lure the monk to point G. Then drop through F, run left, light a bomb at D (again). Get the two treasures on this side by destroying the bedrock labeled X, and you're done.