Level 119 - "Round and Round"

Immediately run left and grab treasure A. Wait on the ledge as long as possible, then drop down, zap turf at B and jump through the hole.

Run to point C and wait there, and the monks will form a bridge that you can cross to get treasure D. Return across the monk-bridge to C, climb down the ladder and zap turf E. When the monks get tangled up in that, climb back up and go left to point G, zapping turf F behind you.

Several monks will have been killed and will regenerate at the top of the screen. Wait for one of them to fall beside you, then step on him to cross to the left part of the puzzle (point H).

There will probably be one monk guarding this area. Try not to kill him until you have all the treasure in this area. Then kill him, and step on him to get to point I (or J, as monks will eventually carry down all the treasures on top).

If there's no monk available on the left side to kill, you can lure monks around the "loop" by standing at point K, then bomb them as they fall past.