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Here's a list of trivia about the Lode Runner: The Legend Returns and Lode Runner On-Line. Items that apply only to Lode Runner On-Line are in a different color.
You can walk on top of the rubble created by a pickaxe. This is a pretty common maneuver, but it isn't fully documented, and isn't used in the first 150 levels.
You can get full look at the "dark" levels if you look at them in the level-selection screen.
You don't have to play all the puzzles in order to see the animated cut scenes, only the last one in each "world". That is, #15, 30, 45, .... Of course, most of those puzzles are pretty tough.
Monks cannot hurt you when they are in the "falling" position, even if they aren't actually falling. You can walk right through them.
It is possible to escape being trapped in a snare. You have to be carrying a tool (other than the large bomb), and be trapped at a place that the tool can be used. Simply use the tool, and you'll be free! [Thanks to Andy Ransom]
If there is turf to either side of you, you can also escape by zapping it.
A given monk will never regenerate at the same entrance twice in a row (unless there is only one entrance, of course). [Thanks to Mike Sturgeon.]
A monk who passes by a treasure will pick it up (exactly?) 40% of the time. How far he will carry it is much more complicated, but the median distance is about 7 or 8 tiles.
Slime buckets do have a potential use, other than slowing down monks. They can make turf invulnerable to small bombs.
The rubble from a pickaxe will protect you from bomb blasts in The Legend Returns, but not in Lode Runner On-Line.
In the editor, you can shift the background image to the left or right, using the arrows on the background-selection screen. (Maybe also in some versions of Legend?)
If there is no exit door on a level, you can complete it by getting to the top row of the screen, as in the original Lode Runner. This may also work in some versions of The Legend Returns, but don't depend on it.
The goal is not to collect all the treasure, it is to remove all the treasure from the puzzle. To remove a treasure from a puzzle, you must either collect it or destroy it. Treasure can be destroyed with a large bomb, by a phaze brick phazing in on it, or when a monk dies while carrying it. Monks usually drop treasure before they die, or as they die, but there are exceptions: 1) The monk falls into Liquid Tile while carrying treasure; 2) A phaze brick phazes in on the monk; 3) Turf closes in on the monk (Can happen if the monk entered the tile from the side, or couldn't drop his treasure because there was already a treasure there).
Large bombs ("Boss Bombs") permanently destroy everything in their blast area, except: 1) Monks, which regenerate as usual; 2) The gold being carried by those monks; 3) Doors; 4) Lit bombs (small or large); 5) Invisible ladders that haven't appeared yet.
Large bombs destroy objects within 2 tiles of them, except for set snares, which they destroy within 3 tiles:

[Thanks to Jim Winkler]
Large bombs destroy unlit small bombs but not lit small bombs. So what happens to a small bomb that is caught in the simultaneous explosions of an adjacent large and small bomb? It's not defined: sometimes it will get destroyed by the large bomb, but other times it will get lit by the small bomb. (Actually it depends on the previous bomb explosions in the current puzzle.)
In the editor, you can use the pliers to assign monk-entrances to each monk individually. (This is documented, but players of Legend might have missed it.)
Some of the special gold and blue tools can be useful in single-player levels: [Thanks to Mike Sturgeon]

Blue gold - Cannot be picked up by Jake, but he still must remove them from the level in order to complete it. He must find a way to destroy it.

Blue teleporters - These have no effect on Jake, but they do teleport monks.

Blue small bombs - Can't be picked up or lit directly, but can be lit by another small bomb (of any color) explosion. Very useful for chain reactions, since you don't have to tuck the bombs away in hard-to-reach places.

Gold large bombs - Unlike normal large bombs, these cannot be lit by a small bomb (of any color) explosion. This seems a bit inconsistent, but that's the way it is.