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How to play custom puzzle sets from this archive

The files at this site are compressed and archived in standard PKZip-compatible "zip" files. Each zip file must be decompressed to extract the one or more puzzle files within it. Puzzle files end with ".pzl" (or probably ".lvl" for Lode Runner 2).

There are two parts to playing a custom puzzle set: installing it on your computer, and loading it into Lode Runner. Read only the sections relevant to you.

Installing custom puzzles with Windows

There are many utilities that can perform this decompression, but I'll assume you're using the popular WinZip from Nico Mak Computing. If you don't have WinZip installed, download it from and install it.

First, download one of the zip files and save it somewhere on your computer. (In Windows 95, just saving it to your desktop is fine.) Run Windows Explorer or File Manager, locate that file, and double-click on it. (If you saved it to your desktop, just double-click on it there.) This should start the WinZip program. (If the "WinZip Wizard" opens, press WinZip Classic.) Now, you should see a list of files, one or more of which end in ".pzl" (or ".lvl"). Press Extract or Ctrl+E to open up the Extract dialog box.

Where it says "Extract to", type in: c:\sierra\loderunn\puzzles, or, if that directory doesn't exist, just c:\sierra\loderunn. Of course, if you have installed Lode Runner somewhere other than the default location on your computer, you will have to type in that location instead. (For Lode Runner 2, type in the directory in which you installed LR2.)

Make sure the "All Files" radio button is selected: .

Press the Extract button at the upper right of this dialog box. (The files will now be decompressed.)

Close WinZip.

Installing custom puzzles on a Macintosh

Try this Puzzle Typer. (for Lode Runner On-Line only?)

- otherwise -

I don't know much about Macintosh, but I think the general outline of what you have to do is:

Warning: This could be wrong.

To play a custom puzzle set in Lode Runner: The Legend Returns

On the main screen, press the Load button: You will see a list of puzzle files. Select the one you want.

Now press the "Play Homemade Levels" button: .

To play a custom puzzle set in Lode Runner On-Line

On the main screen, press the large Play button:

Then press the Load button: Now you should see a list of puzzle files. Choose the one you want and double-click it.

Then press the small Play button at the lower-right:

To play custom puzzles in Lode Runner 2

Select Single Player -- New -- Select Puzzle -- Load -- (Choose your puzzle) -- Start Game

- or -

While playing a game, press Alt-L.