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How to get the donuts in Lode Runner 2

You've probably noticed that some of the levels have objects on them that look like donuts. Nothing seems to happen when you pick them up, but Presage hints that something may happen if you get all the donuts.

Here are instructions for getting some of the donuts. Not every detail is spelled out, and this is not necessarily a complete list of the donuts. Remember that the goal is not just to get to the donut, but to get it and finish the level.

Jungle World 14

Behind one of the ladders is a switch. Flip the switch.

Later, zap or bomb the block shown, and walk straight to the donut. There are invisible blocks beneath you.

Jungle World 21

Pick up the bomb, then dig down to the point shown below. Dig the space in front Jake as shown, and jump in.

Below, you will find a gas can and another bomb. Pick them up, use a bomb to dispose of the monks, and get the donut. To get out, light the other bomb at the point you came in, and it will blast a path to a hidden ladder.

Wacky World 15

Zap the block shown, and quickly follow the path shown to get the donut. There are invisible blocks below you. Return immediately, or you'll get stuck out in limbo. There are no guard rails at the corner, so be careful.

Gear World 15

This is an easy one to figure out, but it can be tricky to avoid the monks afterward. From near your starting point, dig down to the switch. Flip it.

That will make a ladder appear, as well as a floor beneath the donut. Don't get trapped down there!

Mona World 10

At the location shown is a switch. Flip it, and watch carefully to see where a passage opens several spaces below you.

Follow the passage all around the back of the tower to get the donut.

Industry World 11

Starting at the top, zap 5 blocks, then jump in and zap 4, then 3, 2, 1. The 5 you dig shouldn't be all in a row, or you will probably run out of time.

The goal is to zap the block shown in the next picture, so the 1 block you zap must be the one directly above it. Then zap the block you were standing on, jump in, zap, jump in.

Then run forward until you find a beach ball. Take it and use it to clobber the monks guarding the donut.


At the very end of the level, start at this point and walk forward.

You will land on a couple of ledges. Keep walking forward until you fall a long way. You will land near a little cave. In the cave is a pressure plate which opens a route back, and also a switch, hidden from view (it is directly at the back of the cave). Flip the switch that you can't see, and a ladder will appear beside the exit that lets you reach the donut.

There is another secret in this area. Scroll the screen way to the right, then try to figure out how to get there ;-).