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Other Game of Life web sites

Game of Life web sites and pattern collections
Conway's Game of Life (ConwayLife.com)
Conway's Game of Life - Alan Hensel's pattern collection (lifep.zip) and Java Applet
Stephen Silver's Life Page - Life Lexicon and pattern collections
David I. Bell's home page - Spaceship articles and special pattern collections
David I. Bell's pattern collection
Patterns, Programs, and Links for Conway's Game of Life (Paul Callahan)
Gabriel Nivasch's Game of Life page
Mark D. Niemiec's Life Page
Game of Life Information (H. Koenig)
Paul Rendell's Turing Machine and pattern collection
Paul Chapman's Life Universal Computer
Andrzej Okrasinski's Game of Life website
Achim's Game of Life Page (Achim Flammenkamp)
MCell Users Corner (Mirek Wójtowicz)
Tom Rokicki's An Exploration of Metacatacryst
Eric's Treasure Trove of Life (Eric W. Weisstein)
LIFEPAGE (Robert T. Wainwright)

Sites mostly about other cellular automata
Gliders in "Life"-like Cellular Automata (David Eppstein)
Rule b368/s245 (Stephen Morley)
Mirek's Cellebration [U.S. mirror] (Mirek Wójtowicz)
Primordial Soup Kitchen (David Griffeath)

Software for Life and other CA
Program Platform Author
Life32 Win32Johan Bontes
Mirek's Cellebration (MCell) Win32Mirek Wójtowicz
WinLife32 Win32John Harper
SARCASim Win32George Maydwell
Lifemn Win32Ben Schaeffer
dblife Unix/X11David I. Bell
Hlife Win32,Unix/X11Tom Rokicki
Xlife [download] Unix/X11Jon Bennett
LifeLab MacAndrew Trevorrow
Conway's Game of Life Java appletAlan Hensel
Life 1.06 MS-DOSAlan Hensel
W-Life [download] (a port of XLife) Windows 3.1Glen Summers (no relation)